The Beauty Battleground

The Beauty Battleground

Does Beauty hinder or help at work & who decides what is right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or not? Check Out The Ask Rita Show‘s Podcast on this very subject:


Mastery Of Difficult People & Situations

Mastery Of Difficult People & Situations

On Sunday June 4, 2017 11am – 3.30pm in Naples CA, Rita will be giving again her 3 step seminar on how to master difficult people & situations.

Discover how to recognize hidden signs of manipulation, how to protect yourself effectively & learn to take back control for future interactions.

For More Details go here:


How To Be More Assertive

How To Be More Assertive

Just updated this podcast where Rita explains to her co-hostĀ Amberlee Colson how assertiveness is all about being present.

Simply put it’s finding a happy medium between the two extremes; being aggressive or being too passive.

She goes on to give tips & examples on how to increase your assertiveness at home, in a relationship, or at work, without all the resentment.

Check it out here:

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