Thought 4 Thursday

Thought 4 Thursday

“Do you catch yourself thinking: I am not enough? Then try to overcompensate by being busy all the time or with making your life more complicated?” –Rita Harrison


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In this video Rita shares her personal thoughts about “being enough” and simplifying life.

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How To Clear Pain At The Root

How To Clear Pain At The Root


If you’re anything like me you don’t like paying for things until you know you like them. And money aside, we all know healing can’t start until we feel safe, supported & secure in the knowledge that we’re being listened to & heard.

So we developed a Willow Strategy Sessions so you can see how quickly & simply this cutting edge European treatment “Made in Germany” pinpoints & resolves emotional, or physical pain & relationship problems on all levels.

The Willow System can swiftly get to the root causes of problems such as: Family confrontations, tiredness & exhaustion, relationship crisis, migraine, partnership dilemmas, stress, divorce and separation anxiety, chronic physical pain, parenting pressures and all kinds of abuse etc.

If you’re struggling in relationships, unhappy at work, battling health issues, or looking for spiritual alignment, we would like to offer you a FREE 15 Minute consultation without risk, or commitment to see if Willow is right for you…

See The Video & find out how simple it is to schedule yours now 🙂

By the way that’s my voice, that is, That’s talkin’…


Unsolvable: It May Not Be Yours

Unsolvable: It May Not Be Yours

It sounds so simple, but when your problem seems to be unsolvable it might not be yours. It maybe from someone we love.

When we have a bonding to a loved one, partner, or family member we can take on their unsolved problem, and find ourselves in an entanglement situation.

In this weeks health & Happiness tip video by Rita Harrison, she explains how you realize that it’s not yours and what you can do about it.

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Soul Protection Factor Nr1

Soul Protection Factor Nr1

When you’re constantly having feelings of fear, anxiety, or guilt, be it in a relationship, or to certain people in your life you might be trapped in an abusive situation.

In this weeks health & Happiness tip video by Rita Harrison, she talks about how you can identify the abuser and what you can do about it.

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How To Overcome All Limitations

The Feminine Art Of Healing

How to overcome all limitations; achieve excellent health, supportive relationships, and the perfect career in your pursuit of happiness.

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