Stressed and struggling with too much tension?

Stressed and struggling with too much tension?

Well it’s pure and simply too much stress, but the consequences can be huge, like anxiety, tension, sleeping disorders, isolation, tinnitus, loss of concentration, or even sexual desire.

It invariably leads to increasing pressure in personal relationships and a body that’s misaligned and stuck in a vicious circle of stress and pain.

But never fear, because Rita’s* here with The Willow System Body Organization. Read More


* Rita Harrison the developer of Willow System

GPS for Your Soul

GPS for Your Soul

An Email From Rita Harrison


Dear Friends

Are you on a path that seems too well-traveled…by you?

Or maybe you’ve come out of the roundabout, and your GPS is re-routing and re-routing and it doesn’t know where to go? You find yourself at a fork in the road, contemplating which of the paths before you to take…

What if you could know exactly where you need to go, and which way to take? What if there is a way for your own GPS to work optimally?

There is.

I offer a two-day workshop that does more than teach you a set of skills. The Willow System’s upcoming training – In-depth Kinesiology Muscle Testing and The Mystical Willow – goes deeper than the how-to’s you can Google search, or the “simple” techniques which some say, “even small children can learn to do…”

In this workshop, you will not only learn the mechanics of muscle testing – how to be make an O with your fingers and test the body’s responses – but to go beyond neutrality and access your soul. You will discover and explore its archetype, clear blockages, and align with your life purpose, abundance and happiness from within.

Step into the unknown that you seek to know.

The unknown – more often than Science – is where answers and solutions can be found.

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PS. Saturday & Sunday – September 3-4, 2016 – 10 am – 5:15 pm – Naples CA USA
For quality purposes, the class size is limited & Don’t forget To Click Read More At the Bottom Of The Page For Detailed Class Notes


Going Beyond Let’s Talk

Going Beyond Let’s Talk

Become an expert who knows how to take “Let’s Talk” towards its ultimate and truly identify your child’s utmost wishes, because Systemic Dialoguing by Rita Harrison is not just talking business, it’s helping others find life-changing solutions.

Start September 25. Check it out here:

It’s Time For A New Approach

It’s Time For A New Approach

July 3-4 in San Diego, CA and July 5-7 in Los Angeles, CA

new approach
July 3-4 in San Diego, CA and July 5-7 in Los Angeles, CA

Rita Harrison, German Doctor of Naturopathy and Humanologist, will be in San Diego and Los Angeles July 3-7.

Experience “The Willow System” for yourself with founder, Rita Harrison.
Rita will share with you her creative healing modality to give you all the best in health, relationships, career….LIFE!

The Willow System is radically different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. Unlike conventional modalities, The Willow System draws on your own wisdom, strength, and ability to address problems at their source. From there, a solution is offered based on your specific needs.
It will get you where you need to be quickly and effectively.

Being in balance and free from pain is vital to our success in personal and professional relationships.

Find your power!

Aren’t you tired of spending time and money on toxic medicines and unproductive therapies? It’s time for a new approach. What have you go to lose?

Limited Availability – Call TODAY to Make an Appointment 1.800.790.6140