Is Self-Care Selfish?

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Hello from Rita “Here are some tips & tricks on how to take care of yourself & not feel guilty!…”

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The Ask Rita Podcast


Helping People Heal Since 1986

Helping People Heal Since 1986

Our Rita has over 30 years experience of helping people cope with:


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Some Beautiful Journeys Of Transformation

Some Beautiful Journeys Of Transformation

Blinding Light & Burning Rage What You Didn’t Know About: Dealing With Anger That Won't Go Away


Dear friends of the Willow System,

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New Topic Safaris Your Transformational Journeys To Love, Liberation and A Fulfilled Lifestyle
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Rita Harrison speaks to you directly, and takes you into a world full of new experiences about how to take control of your health, relationships and happiness by introducing you into

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Blinding Light And Burning Rage
What You Didn’t Know About Turning Anger Into A Catalyst For Change
See Trailer

Here are some of the topics coming up soon:

  • Mission Possible:
    How To Create Family Peace
  • Physical Liberation:
    Why Our Body Doesn’t Do What We Want And How To Take Back Control
  • Communication Hell Or Heaven:
    Why Some People Are Impossible To Talk To And How To Change It
  • Spirituality Meets Matter:
    Emotional Detox For Yourself And Your Family
  • Tap Into The Wisdom Of Your Soul:
    How To Learn Your Life Lessons Effortlessly
  • Healing The Inner And Outer Child:
    How We Avoid To Raise A Generation Of Entitled Tyrants
  • With many more to come…

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Integrative Healing

Integrative Healing

Unleash The Awakening Divine Feminine In You

A Return To Wholeness

We are living in a time of unprecedented global transformation, what is being called “The Great Awakening.” For Rita Harrison, this is the awakening and return of the Divine Feminine, the reclamation of the wisdom and power of women.

Video Taken At The Women Of Wellness Conference 2013

For millenniums, humanity has endured the imbalance and destruction of aggressive, inhumane, left-brain values. Now it is time for planetary healing, which can only come about when all women are empowered to reclaim their capacity for wisdom and leadership. This is especially important in revolutionizing conventional medicine. As Rita will explain in her talk, it is only at the deepest emotional and energetic levels that true healing begins.

As the founder of The Willow System, Rita will be discussing the reclamation of women’s knowing, bridging science with intuition to “hear” your body’s wisdom and transform your life from the inside out.


GET YOUR FREE 15 minute consultation with Rita Harrison from anywhere in the world by phone and see if The Willow System is right for you.

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Call Toll Free (800) 790-6140 (USA & CANADA Only)
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The Relationship Revolution

The Relationship Revolution

Powerful heart-to-heart connections is how to open your heart to others

  • Let’s start by create that relationship revolution you’ve always wished for
    Let’s find out what held you back and start make a shift now

Revolutionize your relationships and have that fabulous relationship you’ve always wanted: with a new partner (or the old one), at work and with your friends.

Call 1.800.790.6140 or go here for more information a start on October 23, 12 living the life that you deserve!

“It’s your right to have successful and happy relationships with no more accusations, control, manipulation, boredom, emptiness and frustration.” ~Rita Harrison

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“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?” ~Dorothy Day

Making Willow4U

by: Paul E. Harrison
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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Help SOMEBODY Talk to Me!

Help SOMEBODY Talk to Me!

Is anyone out there?

So I think I’m going crazy, I really think I am,
I’ve only got two comments, which I think in truth are spam.

Now this is one and thirty, I’m blogging like the man,
I’ve had some likes I’m thankful, no comments, they clicked and ran.

Now I’m not antisocial, I’m on Facebook, I Tweet and Digg,
OK I mess with Google Plus, but that don’t make me a dirty pig?

So all I ask, please hear my plea, is a comment online returned to me,
A small well done or take a hike, a FU buddy or on your bike.

I could take my solace in one fat line,
A comment would show I don’t waste my time.

Making Willow4U
In HOPE!!!!!

by: Paul E. Harrison
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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