Is Self-Care Selfish?

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Hello from Rita “Here are some tips & tricks on how to take care of yourself & not feel guilty!…”

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How To Be More Assertive

How To Be More Assertive

Just updated this podcast where Rita explains to her co-host Amberlee Colson how assertiveness is all about being present.

Simply put it’s finding a happy medium between the two extremes; being aggressive or being too passive.

She goes on to give tips & examples on how to increase your assertiveness at home, in a relationship, or at work, without all the resentment.

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Rita Harrison

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Too Much Baggage?


Rita Harrison


Don’t Get Caught In The Perfection Trap (Part 3)
by Rita Harrison & Eric Rude

  • Do you ever get the feeling that you have too much baggage?
    So much, in fact, that you can’t imagine how anyone would ever be interested in you?
    Is It Baggage? Or Really Empowerment, Self Confidence And Trust.


Or maybe you’re on the other side of the fence; you’ve dispelled your demons and now you can’t find someone who has done the work like you have and it seems like they all have too much baggage, which makes the idea of connecting with them seem impossible.

Here’s what we suggest!!!
What if you never find out what you´re missing because you’re only focusing on their faults? Most of the time we’ve found that people are just using those circumstances as excuses to protect themselves from getting hurt again. We’ve seen people wait for years, wasting precious time waiting for the stars to align and for it to feel like it’s alright to begin again.

Take the risk and engage in a relationship NOW in spite of the “baggage”. We say that what you´ll find is that the baggage actually doesn´t matter, and if you are willing to connect, what you’ll likely find is that whatever baggage there is begins to disappear inside of the relationship, or ceases to matter at all!

This gives you the chance to explore the good in your partner instead of focusing on the negative, and have a new or better relationship right away instead of waiting for things to change on their own before you have the joy of the relationships you want.

Leaves your hands free!!!

Instead of correcting start learning to encourage nourishing curiosity, start pointing out the good and focus on the potential (strength) instead of the weakness of the other, then they get stronger and correct themselves automatically and without effort.