Hello From Amberlee Colson

Hello From Amberlee Colson

If you would like to get some tips and trick on how to restore balance and harmony, or interrupt trauma, physical pain, or negative emotions in relationships and/or your spirituality, with or without The Willow System, I think I may have updated this page just for you 🙂


Ask The Ask Rita Show

Ask The Ask Rita Show

With the summer break over and the new season coming out our co-host Amberlee Colson of the Ask Rita Show Podcast would like to hear from you:

  • If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask about holistic health, healing, or lifestyle?
  • If you have a question on relationships, emotional balance, family & physical healing, or spirituality?

Feel free to contact her, or Rita with any questions
using the online Contact form Here: willow4u.com/ask

amberlee_colson_01Amberlee Colson

Helping People Heal Since 1986

Helping People Heal Since 1986

Our Rita has over 30 years experience of helping people cope with:


Find out more about our girl here: willow4u.com/Rita

Upcoming Willownars :) & Stuff

Upcoming Willownars :) & Stuff

What’s Next Up?

Inspirational & motivational lectures, seminars, meetups & workshops presented by Rita Harrison, the developer of The Willow System healing modality.


Check them out here: willow4u.com/workshops

Holistically Healing Your Roots

Holistically Healing Your Roots

With this page Rita shows her unique approach to healing, by giving you a deeper insight & profound understanding of the “Bigger Picture”, be it with your family, partner, working relationships, or any other kind of real life interactive system.

She also gives you an overview of this highly effective system & its long-term & often a life changing impact. Click the image for more information.


“When our body, mind and soul are in optimal alignment we are at peace with ourselves and our environment. It’s like looking at a healthy Weeping Willow reflecting beauty, peacefulness and wholeness.” -Rita Harrison Part 1

Get more information Here: www.willow4u.com

Trapped In The Perfection Trap

Trapped In The Perfection Trap

Check out this short article by Rita on emotional baggage!

Tips on how to escape “The Perfection Trap”, get your “Special Someone” & make a true “Love Connection”.


“Everyone comes with baggage, find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.”

Check this article out if you need some help…

How Distance Healing Works & Why

How Distance Healing Works & Why

Just put up a short article by Rita on distance healing, sometime know as remote healing.

invite healing home

In principle it asks the question “Does distance healing work?”
It answers with a resounding Yes!

It goes on to explain:
How you can heal & find your true strength!
How you can get help as & when it’s need!

For family, or relationship problems, spiritual challenges, nutritional intolerance, allergies, emotional pain, or troubles with the energy system like the chakras, aura or the meridians, the technology available through video chat programs such as Skype, FaceTime etc. & the telephone sessions provide the opportunity to create great change & really do work.

Check out the article here: www.willow4u.com