Hello From Amberlee Colson

Hello From Amberlee Colson

If you would like to get some tips and trick on how to restore balance and harmony, or interrupt trauma, physical pain, or negative emotions in relationships and/or your spirituality, with or without The Willow System, I think I may have updated this page just for you 🙂


The Ability For Joy

The Ability For Joy

Can you handle disappointment better than success?

In this podcast you will get tips & tricks on why dealing with your disappointment will lead to your success.


Don’t forget, there is no greater success than the ability to take responsibility for your joy…

And it can be so simple listen here: => http://ow.ly/Tt83303mQhQ, or please feel free to download this podcast & listen to it later here ›

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How do I set healthy boundaries?

How do I set healthy boundaries?

I updated this really good podcast on the crucial first steps to Setting Boundaries in a relationship, protecting your energy & enforcing your space.
By Rita Harrison


More episode of The Ask Rita Show Podcast Here: willow4u.com/podcast

You Asked & We Answered

You Asked & We Answered

Do you need simple answers to questions on kinesiology, consciousness, back pain, working women, cancer, anxiety & so much more.


The Ask Rita Show: Lots of audio podcasts to listen to online, or download and keep.

Check Them Out Here: http://www.willow4u.com/podcast/list/

Staying Grounded In This Chaotic World

Staying Grounded In This Chaotic World

Rita’s latest podcast called “How To Stay Grounded In A Chaotic World” gives great tips on staying grounded in this stress filled, chaotic world. As always it’s free & is about 20mins long.

What’s great from my point of view is that I could cut the download size by over 50%, so now people can get it on their phones without WiFi, on the move, in the car, jogging & so on.

Check it out here: willow4u.com/podcast/49


Keep The Faith

Keep The Faith

The best month ever!!! Thank You!!!

For all of you that have not discovered the Willow System Facebook page yet, I would like to thank you all for making August the most visited month on www.willow4u.com

I’m working right now on Rita’s new English and German Book with 366 questions to turn your life around. It will be called:

Let’s Go Thinkabout!
A daily access to your inner truth

Stay Tuned for more videos, podcasts and ideas for better health and happiness.

Thank you for making my job feel worthwhile
Paul E. Harrison

Making Willow4U
Thanks Again!!!!!

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