PHP: Making Page Redirects Permanent

PHP: Making Page Redirects Permanent

I was looking for a good way of redirecting a page I had to move and found this from Dylan at WeDefy dot com. Dylan said that HTTP status codes changes the way browsers (and robots) handle redirects, so when using header(Location:) it’s a good idea to set the status code.

// 301 Moved Permanently
header("Location: /foo.php",TRUE,301);

// 302 Found
header("Location: /foo.php",TRUE,302);
header("Location: /foo.php");

// 303 See Other
header("Location: /foo.php",TRUE,303);

// 307 Temporary Redirect
header("Location: /foo.php",TRUE,307);

I went with the 301 option, but Dylan goes on to say: Browsers typically re-request a 307 page every time, cache a 302 page for the session, and cache a 301 page for longer, or even indefinitely. Search engines typically transfer “page rank” to the new location for 301 redirects, but not for 302, 303 or 307.

If the status code is not specified, header(‘Location:’) defaults to 302.

Adding Free Images & Quotes

Adding Free Images & Quotes

Making Willow4U

By Paul E. Harrison

“Free Images & Quotes To Download & Share”

Spent the last four days writing PHP code and OH how I love coding, but the page turned out nice I think.


I have to make these images everyday to put up on Facebook, so the thinking behind the new page is, if I don’t like sharing stuff with the BS of others coming along with the image, there must be others that feel the same. So like the good little boy I am ๐Ÿ˜‰ I went OTT (over the top), made the page, new images (because I deleted all the old ones, like the fool I am) and put up a ranking system, why I don’t know, but it seemed a good idea at the time.

Take a look or as they say here in the US of A Check It Out ๐Ÿ™‚

Quote from Frank Tyger
“Doing what you like is freedom,
Liking what you do is happiness” Frank Tyger


Redirect 2 Mobile Website: Updated

Redirect 2 Mobile Website: Updated

Making Willow4ULightweight Device-Detection in PHP

This is what I decided to us, as I can include it in my PHP pages as a function and change the link from the main website to the right page on the Mobile Website using a call from my MySQL Page database…

This being when I find out how to do it that is ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Updated from post

by Paul E. Harrison