Ask The Ask Rita Show

Ask The Ask Rita Show

With the summer break over and the new season coming out our co-host Amberlee Colson of the Ask Rita Show Podcast would like to hear from you:

  • If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask about holistic health, healing, or lifestyle?
  • If you have a question on relationships, emotional balance, family & physical healing, or spirituality?

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amberlee_colson_01Amberlee Colson

Empowerment With Passion

Empowerment With Passion

How to find the empowerment to pursue your life purpose & soul mission.

Simply Find Your Passion Now…


“When our body, mind and soul are in optimal alignment we are at peace with ourselves and our environment. It’s like looking at a healthy Weeping Willow reflecting beauty, peacefulness and wholeness.” -Rita Harrison Part 5

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Helping People Heal Since 1986

Helping People Heal Since 1986

Our Rita has over 30 years experience of helping people cope with:


Find out more about our girl here:

Upcoming Willownars :) & Stuff

Upcoming Willownars :) & Stuff

What’s Next Up?

Inspirational & motivational lectures, seminars, meetups & workshops presented by Rita Harrison, the developer of The Willow System healing modality.


Check them out here:

Healing The Soul: A Symptom List

Healing The Soul: A Symptom List

Here is an updated Soul Symptom List for some positive inspiration on how others have used The Willow System to learn how to awaken & heal their Soul & access the inner power they’ve forgotten, or thought they had lost. Check It Out Here:


Because we live in an ever shrinking world, sessions are not just available in our office in California.

Due to the wonderful advances in communication technology such as Skype, Hangout, FaceTime & not forgetting the humble, but still powerful telephone you can get all the benefits of The Willow System in the privacy of your own home.

No Stress, No Hassle…

Trapped In The Perfection Trap

Trapped In The Perfection Trap

Check out this short article by Rita on emotional baggage!

Tips on how to escape “The Perfection Trap”, get your “Special Someone” & make a true “Love Connection”.


“Everyone comes with baggage, find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.”

Check this article out if you need some help…

Bringing Forth Your Authentic YOU

Bringing Forth Your Authentic YOU

Do you want to be as free as you think you are?

Do you make decisions just based on what you want?  Not let unexplained emotions like fear, shame and guilt determine how you form your identity?

We all carry with us a lot of unfinished family business, emotional distress, or dysfunctional patterns that lead to conflicts in our relationships that have nothing to do with us, coming literally from the stories told sitting on the lap of our parents or grandparents.

Extensive work done on: “THE SINS OF OUR FOREFATHERS” after the second world war in Europe and especially in Germany, found that the treatments used then and that of the present day do not go deep enough to heal the emotions felt by generations that follow.

The Willow System will show you how no matter where you are from, these principals in our family dynamic apply and how it has formed our lives and that of the people around us. It will show you how to recognize and let go of all the things holding you back letting you see your full potential and help you step into your own power, bringing forth your authentic you.

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