Finding Real Love 4U

Finding Real Love 4U


Stephen Chbosky, said in his book The Perks of Being a Wallflower “We accept the love we think we deserve.” So this is why we have to work on what we think we deserve…

In our last Sunday Seminar on December 3, 2017 – 10am-12pm in Long Beach California you’ll dive into the powerful experience of Real Love that overcomes all.

Then we’ll find out about all the hidden dynamics that can make you feel undeserving without even knowing it.

More Info:

If you want to come call us 1 (800) 790-6140

Love & Blessings
Team Willow4U


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The Boss had some thoughts about aging

The Boss had some thoughts about aging

This weeks Thursday Thought Video is about being over 50 and aging well…


The Ability For Joy

The Ability For Joy

Can you handle disappointment better than success?

In this podcast you will get tips & tricks on why dealing with your disappointment will lead to your success.


Don’t forget, there is no greater success than the ability to take responsibility for your joy…

And it can be so simple listen here: =>, or please feel free to download this podcast & listen to it later here ›

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The Right Place, At The Right Time

The Right Place, At The Right Time

Letter To Rita From Katherine Fisher Owner Of The Hawaii Health Guide.


Aloha Rita,

Still enjoying the afterglow from The Health and Happiness Workshop (Now called Mystical Willow Training)…

The course offered concise and efficient practical methods to quickly personally bring conscious awareness and restore balance to a person’s life.

Hands-On Practice Of Condensed Healing Modalities And Techniques
The way you consolidated useful tool sets of kinesiology diagnosis, meridian (emotional) release and replacement techniques and family constellation work are invaluable additions to any health practitioner or person interested in personal growth.

The class more then met my expectations.

What I wasn’t expecting was the immediate result of unleashing a delicious juicy well of creativity! It has been a great joy to experience the ongoing synchronicity of being in the right place at the right timeand dwelling and playing right at the edge of creative potential: where idea becomes matter, intention is navigation, and the resulting reflection offers constant insights into where and how we truly create the ultimate art that is our own lives.

I highly recommend this class for artists, writers, musicians and people wanting to re-kindle the creative fires or experience greater capacity for joy in their lives.

Many thanks.
Look forward to your return…

Katherine Fisher
The Hawaii Health Guide

How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

The Healed Woman Meetup Long Beach CA
Thursday – August 25, 2016 – 6:45 PM to 8:30 PM – Long Beach CA

This Months Discussion: Our body can be our temple – when we know how to live in it healthily & with joy. We’ll discuss what makes us disconnect from it & what we can do to find our way back into this temple.


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