Stressed and struggling with too much tension?

Stressed and struggling with too much tension?

Well it’s pure and simply too much stress, but the consequences can be huge, like anxiety, tension, sleeping disorders, isolation, tinnitus, loss of concentration, or even sexual desire.

It invariably leads to increasing pressure in personal relationships and a body that’s misaligned and stuck in a vicious circle of stress and pain.

But never fear, because Rita’s* here with The Willow System Body Organization. Read More


* Rita Harrison the developer of Willow System

Do You Need Quick Neck Pain Relief

Do You Need Quick Neck Pain Relief

First Published on April 8, 2013, I found this video from Rita with no links to it, I’ve no idea how that happened 🙂 so if you need some quick neck pain relief, this video tip taken from The Willow System treatment is right down your alley…


You can also see it on Youtube

Thought 4 Thursday

Thought 4 Thursday

“Do you catch yourself thinking: I am not enough? Then try to overcompensate by being busy all the time or with making your life more complicated?” –Rita Harrison


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In this video Rita shares her personal thoughts about “being enough” and simplifying life.

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.

How To Avoid Emotional Stress

How To Avoid Emotional Stress


I put this video tip that was first published on Apr 6, 2014 on Youtube, where Rita explains how to avoid emotional relationship stress in the home & in the workplace.

She describes how brain research shows that our brain involuntarily opens things they call memory folders, or files from the past which would be easy to recognize if we where not so emotionally involved. Conversation that turn radically to statements like…

  • I never could…
  • You never have…
  • We always…
  • Etc.

When a FILE is open longer than 2 minutes, emotional components come up. The consequence is that our thoughts and thus the conversation may develop adversely.

Rita tells you...

  • How to avoid marital conflict and negative conversations at work
  • How you can stay focused
  • How to overcome blockages in communication
  • How to deal with panic attacks, anxiety and depression, as you learn to deal with unpleasant feelings
  • How to control a FILE situation from further escalating into discord

Check the video here:

Fear-Free Healthy Living

Fear-Free Healthy Living

Rita Harrison
Rooting a Spiritual Life with Willow

From: Inspiration Journal – Hawaii’s Wellness Magazine February 2012

Rita Harrison
Rita Harrison The Willow System

Rita Harrison is the most non-German German I have ever met and she’s a lot older than she looks, she informs me. She’s witty, charming, with an easy smile and she listens hard to what you have to say, a
somewhat forgotten art.

I asked her what’s new in her Willow System and she said nothing but for the way she puts things together. She explained to me all about her pick n’ mix system, how it is made to fit the lifestyle of the person sitting in front of her and does not force that person to fit her system.

We talked for a long time and it was mind blowing how many ideas were presented, from the reorganization and centering of the body, to regaining a safe place in your family system. It was also way too much to list in this article, but I’ll try to break it down for you.

She must have a mind like a steel trap. I don’t know how old she really is, but she must have studied from day one, because she’s taken a multitude of tried and tested natural healing techniques and parts of the more accepted white coat (her words) medical modalities, stripped them down to see how they work and reassembled them into a widely based holistic treatment system that covers most, if not all, the bases.

She’s taken the tradition of German engineering and applied it to good health and healthy living.

So I asked, “What’s this fear-free healthy living bit all about?” With a radiant smile she told me that the first thing she noticed about a lot of healers, both main stream and alternative, was that they try to bind you to them by frightening the living daylight out of you: “You take this pill or food supplement, or you’ll die…”

She pointed out that you can’t tell a skydiver that you won’t help him until he stops living dangerously; it’s what he’s good at, what he loves, and how he pays his bills. “We tend to judge people too much by our own fears and this helps nobody!” she said.

Fear makes a person ill; freeing someone from fear can help them unfold into new health.

If you have a chance to talk to Rita, do – I loved it.

For more details Email: or call 1.800.790.6140

Making Willow4U

by: Paul E. Harrison
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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Sticking your tongue out at the summer heat!

Sticking your tongue out at the summer heat!

Today I put up on a new for the site old Tip video ( because it was on the old site ) called Sitali Pranayama – The Cooling Breath.

Rita did a lot of these videos over the years and I will be put up more as time goes on.

Sitali Pranayama (The Cooling Breath).
The Name refers to the Sound caused when the air is drawn through your Protruding Tongue.

The definition is:
Sitali meaning Hissing Tongue
Pranayama meaning Breathing Exercise

This breathing technique taken from Yoga helps you withstand the heat of the summer much better. The cooling effect will clear your head and help you to let go of irritation and all your stress.

You should roll your tongue like a straw, dawn air through it and exhale through your nose.
To increase the cooling effect, try swallowing after each inhalation.

Every time you need to cool it, you should do this exercise!

  • If you need your very own Anger-Management Plan
  • If you’re seriously stressed out
  • If you have to release pent-up aggression
  • If it’s a hot summer day

And there’s more…

The Cooling Breath (Sitali Pranayama) technique helps also to:

  • Prevent headaches
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relax
  • Control appetite
  • Curb anger
  • Stop hot flashes
  • Cool your body temperature

So cool on down, relax and chill-it by watching the video here!!!

PS. There are more Videos Here.

Making Willow4U
I HOPE!!!!!

by: Paul E. Harrison

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