What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

Are you looking for an effective way out of some sort of physical, or emotional pain. Well congratulations you’ve already taken the first step after watching this video…

Man… I think i should go into advertising 🙂


If you like: Check it out on YouTube Here. https://youtu.be/20r1Rm3TCDM


Ask The Ask Rita Show

Ask The Ask Rita Show

With the summer break over and the new season coming out our co-host Amberlee Colson of the Ask Rita Show Podcast would like to hear from you:

  • If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask about holistic health, healing, or lifestyle?
  • If you have a question on relationships, emotional balance, family & physical healing, or spirituality?

Feel free to contact her, or Rita with any questions
using the online Contact form Here: willow4u.com/ask

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Home Is Where The Heart Heals

Home Is Where The Heart Heals

If you have found yourself caught in destructive emotional patterns or dealing with chronic pain, distance healing can get you unstuck and back to living the life you want.
Inviting Healing Home

“Freedom is saving time and money while healing in the comfort and security of your own home.” Rita Harrison

If you are suffering from physical or emotional pain, there is no reason to delay your chance for peace and healing. Contact Us Here, or TEXT Healing to +1 (562) 257-6950 & we will call you so you can find out what a distance healing session can do for you!

From: Inviting Healing Home – Willow4u.com

What else do you think you would you need to find solutions for family or relationship issues, if any?


Take Five! If You’re Hurting

Take Five! If You're Hurting

Autogenic training program by Rita Harrison (Developer of the Willow System) to clear pain on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Ancestral & DNA Levels. http://www.willow4u.com/shop/5min-meditatios-v1.php

This might sound like a meditation but it’s not. Autogenic Training is designed to use the three C’s (Concentration, Contemplation and Conversion) as keys to the subconscious and autonomic nervous system.

More Here: http://www.willow4u.com/compact_discs.php

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