What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

Are you looking for an effective way out of some sort of physical, or emotional pain. Well congratulations you’ve already taken the first step after watching this video…

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Helping People Heal Since 1986

Helping People Heal Since 1986

Our Rita has over 30 years experience of helping people cope with:


Find out more about our girl here: willow4u.com/Rita

Holistically Healing The Physical Body

Holistically Healing The Physical Body

I’ve compiled a list of some of the symptoms we deal with every day when working on someones physical body.

If You’re looking for holistic body work check them out => http://www.willow4u.com/body/


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Home Is Where The Heart Heals

Home Is Where The Heart Heals

If you have found yourself caught in destructive emotional patterns or dealing with chronic pain, distance healing can get you unstuck and back to living the life you want.
Inviting Healing Home

“Freedom is saving time and money while healing in the comfort and security of your own home.” Rita Harrison

If you are suffering from physical or emotional pain, there is no reason to delay your chance for peace and healing. Contact Us Here, or TEXT Healing to +1 (562) 257-6950 & we will call you so you can find out what a distance healing session can do for you!

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What else do you think you would you need to find solutions for family or relationship issues, if any?

Working with the body

Working with the body


“It’s time for a willow body alignment when your body is not functioning properly, your pain is recurring, you’re in a constant state of alert, stressed out, or suffer from exhaustion and burn-out.”
Rita Harrison

The Willow
Body Organization

This is an exceptional way of aligning the physical body and restoring emotional balance. It’s also excellent when your body needs a tune-up, or when it’s not functioning optimally. It works on the nervous system, meridians, organs, hormonal and immune system, muscles, joints, jaw, tissues and cranial sacral system, and achieves a relaxation that comes from deep within. It gives you an instant feeling of being lighter and your spine straightens itself immediately.

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The Best Time For A Body Organization Is:

• When you feel stressed out, or off-balance
• When you have back pain, head pain or neck pain
• When you have sleeping disorders
• When you have problems with your stomach or intestines
• When you have cardiovascular problems
• When your metabolism is operating less than optimally
• When you’re getting forgetful, or are unable to concentrate
• When you wake up still tired
• When you are depressed

“This part of Willow is like doing your spring cleaning at home: it aligns the spine, centers the joints, releases muscle tension, strengthens the hormonal system, improves concentration & more.”
Rita Harrison

The Backstory:

Our nervous system reacts to threatening or stressful situations like it did in caveman times, with the freeze, fight or flight response. But we live in different times now, because instead of getting rid of the tension and energy that’s developed by fighting or running away, we store it inside, layer upon layer, until we’ve built up so much stress that our body can’t take it anymore.

Our body starts to react with physical symptoms that have actually developed over years, but were suppressed, or our body has compensated for them. We get stuck in constant alertness and the body, mind and soul forgets how to get the rest it needs.

The Body Organization stimulates the nervous system in a way that allows it to break through these frozen fear, fight and flight patterns to get back to normal by bringing these experiences of the past to an end.

“Once your body can put into action what your mind and soul have long understood, everything falls into place.”
Rita Harrison


Holiday Freedom

Holiday Freedom

Holiday Freedom

For a lot of people the Holidays are an extremely stressful time and Rita’s office quickly fills as everybody wants to be fit for the big event.

She offers Freedom from chronic pain, emotional stress, mental abuse and family tensions.

In Europe over 55.000 people have benefited her Willow System mentoring as she is successful with One-on-One Mentoring in the office or by Phone and Skype!

Rita Harrison

“People find my new European program is super to give yourself the freedom to enjoy the Holidays your way!”
Rita Harrison

If you feel the need, reserve yourself some precious time to be free of stress, restore inner peace, relaxation and clarity that will get you through the coming weeks with ease.

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Getting Social With Rita 4
Norman Vincent Peale

Getting Social With Rita 4

“Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

The Willow System Physiology Power Plus is intended for professional and recreational athletes.

The benefit for you is a fluent, functional and economically operating body.

The Willow System Center Lafayette, CA is now Serving San Francisco & The East Bay Area.
Rita Harrison has helped people heal since 1986.

Stop living with physical or emotional pain.

Call 1.800.790.6140 today & find out how easy it is to fix; Whatever IT maybe…

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