Bringing Forth Your Authentic YOU

Bringing Forth Your Authentic YOU

Do you want to be as free as you think you are?

Do you make decisions just based on what you want?  Not let unexplained emotions like fear, shame and guilt determine how you form your identity?

We all carry with us a lot of unfinished family business, emotional distress, or dysfunctional patterns that lead to conflicts in our relationships that have nothing to do with us, coming literally from the stories told sitting on the lap of our parents or grandparents.

Extensive work done on: “THE SINS OF OUR FOREFATHERS” after the second world war in Europe and especially in Germany, found that the treatments used then and that of the present day do not go deep enough to heal the emotions felt by generations that follow.

The Willow System will show you how no matter where you are from, these principals in our family dynamic apply and how it has formed our lives and that of the people around us. It will show you how to recognize and let go of all the things holding you back letting you see your full potential and help you step into your own power, bringing forth your authentic you.

To see what the Willow System can do for you!
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