An Intuitive Healer

An Intuitive Healer

Of all the “alternative” healing descriptions , “intuitive healer” was one of the most common on the web? Yet there seems that there is no real understanding of what the term means.

So I, a man who lives with one will try to give  a shot description here that I hope will stay as a short description. This will be more than personal ranting, and I hope everyone out there chimes in! Enjoy!

An intuitive healer helps people who have had “a healing crisis.” Simply, it means they have, stirred up old stuff, killed a “Monster” or two, and their body’s are now detoxing!

There are two things to consider here.

One, how do you let a client know this can be a result of the process without setting them up to expect it?

And two, have you opened a Pandora’s Box that needs much deeper attention?

They may feel worse before they feel better, but Rita tells them that it is rare, (which is true in her case), but some do realize that they don’t feel good. So she tells them that if something comes up, “here is what I suggest they DO”.

Having something to Do helps ease a fearful mind.

She goes on to say “I also let them know that what we have done is important work, and in my experience given how it went, what I think they can expect over the next few days.”

Having done this so long now, she can be surprised, but most often she can sense if it is going to go well or be difficult. In any event, she knows that the after effects don’t always follow set responses. Whatever happens may be unique to them, so they are free to call her and check in if needed. Most often, they don’t need to, but she is glad that they feel free when they do need to.

She then suggests that this post-healing period is a good time to be gentle with themselves and others. That it’s best not to allow high demands to be made right after a healing.

In her healing work, it is not uncommon to be tired afterwards and goodness knows we can all use a rest in this world. So she let them know they are doing great work and rest will help them integrate all the good changes to come.

Being gentle with yourself and others is always good advice, but it helps to be reminded.

Rita also lets them know about how long it should take for things to start feeling better if there is a detox period.

A frequently asked question is that if coffee withdrawal takes about three to four days. What does it take for your modality to kick in?

All of this information is especially important in distance healing work (sometimes known as remote healing), or with those new to the intuitive healing process.

“If we are to make a good name for alternative healing, we have to cover our bases.” – Rita who offers a free Strategy & Discovery Sessions to do just that.

If you would like to know what a strategy & discovery sessions is go here:


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