Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Physiology Power Plus is a system made to make your training more efficient. It will greatly improve your reflexes, coordination and reorganize your nervous system.

If you take part in sports, martial arts, bodybuilding, exercise, dance, yoga, or games that need any kind of physical skill and coordination it will give you more physical coordination, agility, stamina and strength.

Not only will the effects of training be optimized through this specially developed body organization, but also your physical and mental performance in general. Training inhibitors such a pelvic tilt, improper spine alignment, blocked, or frozen-stress mechanisms, wear and tear of joints, or cartilages, etc. can be detected early and corrected, helping you stay fit for longer.

Developed in Europe by Rita Harrison over the last 25 years it combines many tried and tested holistic modalities and is not just another sports therapy.

It is individually tailored sessions, which target your specific needs. It supports optimal health, performance goals and improvements in physical power, dexterity and endurance.


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