The Perfection Trap

The Perfection Trap

Are You Both On The Same Page In Your Relationship And Does It Matter?

On March 23, 2013 Rita Harrison and Eric Rude are giving a workshop called “Transform Your Relationship In A Day.” We will be giving a discount worth $200 to people on our mailing list! JOIN TODAY

Listed on Bing and Google as one of the biggest relationship mistakes is not being on the same page!

Rita Harrison and Eric Rude don’t think so. They think it’s putting too much pressure on a relationship and takes away the magic and romance.

The general consensus is:

  • The relationship is bound to fail if the two of you want different things!
  • Being on the same page, or level, as the other person is critical to the successful future of a couple!

Taken from their 50 years of combined experience working in this field they will show you just how easy it is to make a relationship perfect and escape what they call “The Perfection Trap”.

Headlines Like:

  • Tips for Getting on the Same Page as Your Partner
  • The importance of being on the same page
  • Save a Relationship by Getting on the Same Page

Will then lose all significance!
John Gray said “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” but it’s not true today. It’s simple to have a good working relationship, not easy, but simple if you let Rita & Eric show you how!



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