Adding Free Images & Quotes

Adding Free Images & Quotes

Making Willow4U

By Paul E. Harrison

“Free Images & Quotes To Download & Share”

Spent the last four days writing PHP code and OH how I love coding, but the page turned out nice I think.


I have to make these images everyday to put up on Facebook, so the thinking behind the new page is, if I don’t like sharing stuff with the BS of others coming along with the image, there must be others that feel the same. So like the good little boy I am šŸ˜‰ I went OTT (over the top), made the page, new images (because I deleted all the old ones, like the fool I am) and put up a ranking system, why I don’t know, but it seemed a good idea at the time.

Take a look or as they say here in the US of A Check It Out šŸ™‚

Quote from Frank Tyger
“Doing what you like is freedom,
Liking what you do is happiness” Frank Tyger



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