Nurturing The Feminine Energy Flow

Nurturing The Feminine Energy Flow

Saturday December 29, 2012
Join us for this free international AIM Event, because “It’s all about you!” at The Willow System Center

A Fountain Of Youth For Women

Recharge your chakras; find your inner peace and center in a nurturing feminine environment. AIM’s (Active Inspirational Meditation) gentle dance movements help you to cleanse your energy field and to reconnect to your inherent place of power.

Rita Harrison’s research shows that most traditional meditation techniques have been built on the energy flow of men. Women’s energy field is different, that’s not to say better, but different and this needs to be respected to serve a woman’s needs.

AIM does exactly that! Women around the world who have tried AIM report how profoundly it affected their wellbeing. It improved their self-esteem, activated their rejuvenation, connected them to their natural resources and opened them up to receive…

If you would like to find out what AIM can do for you.

Make your reservation here now because unfortunately there is limited availability…

PS. There is a Demo of the guided meditation for AIM by Rita Harrison taken from the AIM Wave Rider CD



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