Mentorship called Willow

Mentorship called Willow

Rita Harrison’s Integrative Freedom Systems Mentoring which is called The Willow System is decidedly one world’s most comprehensive mentoring program for people who are committed to freeing themselves from abuse and domestic violence, chronic physical pain, mental stress, emotional anguish, life without purpose or recurrent family conflicts.

This Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship that includes: Private mentoring, telephone sessions, Skype conferences and hands on treatment, holistic consultation, new perspectives and solutions for long-term results in personal independence, holistic health, personal freedom, total rejuvenation, emotional balance and peace of mind.

Many other “advice gurus”, professors, teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors, seminar leaders, authors and speakers have already benefited from her program around the world.

For more details Email: or call 1.800.790.6140

Making Willow4U

by: Paul E. Harrison
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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