Good Health Is A Body Organization

Good Health Is A Body Organization

No more anxiety!
John came to me with unexplainable anxiety!

Treating Anxiety

By Rita Harrison Developer of The Willow System

John came to me with unexplainable anxiety. He’d already tried a lot, but nothing had really helped.

We found with various Willow System tools that he was frozen in permanent survival patterns (the fight or flight response) that we first had to interrupt to create a foundation for any further treatment. His whole system was in a state of constant alert and could not distinguish if something was threatening or not.

We started with a physical body organization so his nervous system was capable of differentiating between good and bad.

In the following session he said that he already felt lighter, calmer and more grounded. The anxiety was at least 40% better. We found out pretty quickly that we needed to address a subconscious entanglement with his father who served in the war.

John had no idea that his dad suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome and that he was taking on his father’s burden. We worked together systemically and he found instant relief.

When he came back for a check-up he said that his anxiety was greatly reduced and he rarely got panic attacks anymore.

We worked on a strategy for a self-help program in one of my workshops and now John only comes 4 times a year to get a body organization to stay aligned, calm and in his power!

Call today 1.800.790.6140 for your appointment!


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