What’s The Difference

What’s The Difference

“In over 26 year I’ve never told anyone how to get better, I’ve just showed them how easy change can be!
Their success, courage & self-healing is my reward… So how may I help you?” ~ Rita Harrison

Rita’s compassionate and her extremely focused presence has given her clients, students and workshop participants the feeling of safety, being understood, heard and seen. Her authenticity, integrity and sharp mind invite them to find the courage for self-healing.

In her new workshop:

Relationship Revolution

The heart-to-heart connection

Rita will help you to revolutionize all your most important relationships by finding out what’s been holding you back.

She would like you to have that fabulous relationship you’ve always wanted and dreamed about, be it with a new partner (or the old one), at work, with your friends and Family.

Easy Change
“If you feel hindered by trauma; family of origin issues; physical or emotional pain or fatigue; if you want to feel lighter, freer, more authentic and more powerful; if your life is good and you’re ready for it to be great – I urge you, come and meet Rita.” ~Mary McDonald Lewis

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Making Willow4U

by: Paul E. Harrison
Webmaster Willow4U.com
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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