Witness or Volunteer

Witness or Volunteer

The Willow System

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 7pm

Willow System Demonstration

Lafayette, California

Rita Harrison demonstrates a vast array of new and powerful tools from Europe that will not only improve your health, relationships and family conflicts, but will help find what has stopped you attaining the abundance your heart desires!

You can be a witness or volunteer to find out:

  • How to stop struggling with chronic pain
  • How to stop battling emotional burdens
  • How to stop wrestling with relationship issues
  • How to stop fighting and understand family, stress and conflict



Rita Harrison


“If you’re determined to take your life to the next level but haven’t found a way to get there…
…The Willow System is what you’ve been looking for!”
Rita Harrison | Author | Teacher | Therapist and more …

Come and find out what it can do for you…


The Living Well Center
240 Lafayette Circle
Lafayette, CA 94549

For more info on The Willow System
Check Out our website www.willow4u.com
Email: info@willow4u.com or call 1.800.790.6140


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