Help SOMEBODY Talk to Me!

Help SOMEBODY Talk to Me!

Is anyone out there?

So I think I’m going crazy, I really think I am,
I’ve only got two comments, which I think in truth are spam.

Now this is one and thirty, I’m blogging like the man,
I’ve had some likes I’m thankful, no comments, they clicked and ran.

Now I’m not antisocial, I’m on Facebook, I Tweet and Digg,
OK I mess with Google Plus, but that don’t make me a dirty pig?

So all I ask, please hear my plea, is a comment online returned to me,
A small well done or take a hike, a FU buddy or on your bike.

I could take my solace in one fat line,
A comment would show I don’t waste my time.

Making Willow4U
In HOPE!!!!!

by: Paul E. Harrison
The man formerly known as The Fat Harry

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