Rita Rides Again

Rita Rides Again

The Willow System Road Show | Rita in Action!

Live video recording of Rita Harrison treating relationships & family dynamics

Tim was a volunteer at one of Rita’s Willow System Road Shows and the subject he wanted to address was an issue that many people have:
• Fear was stopping him from accomplishing his goals.

As soon as she started the preliminary muscle testing, a kinesiology procedure that works with our nervous system to determine what gives the body strength and what weakens it, something totally different came up.

Tim’s body was showing a weak muscle (a weakness) when Rita mentioned his name.

Normally she would do a number of standard tests, such as “I’m here” which should show a strong muscle test and “I’m not here” which should produce a weak muscle.

The next standard test would be “My name is Tim” which should again produce a strong muscle, but in Tim’s case it didn’t which you can see quite clearly in the video on this webpage.

She first tested to see if it was a neurological disorganization (Rita calls it Switching), which is a paradoxical reaction to something, but in Tim’s case this wasn’t the reason.

Further tests showed that this subject was the number one priority to be looked at and she also found that the solution would be found in the systemic level (Relationships and Family Dynamics).

It became very apparent that Tim was obviously feeling guilty about assaulting his younger brother.

Rita’s intuition told her that he should lie down in front of his little brother, facing up.

Tim told her that his older brother also beat him up and his father was also abusive. Rita observed by only a hand motion that his older brother was sitting on his chest by his reaction to asking him where to put him in the room!

Sadness started taking Tim by storm, but anger that was building by the minute behind the veil. He told her that his older brother was putting everybody down, even his son. Tim had been physically abused, but his older brother was now verbally, emotionally and energetically abusive to everyone.

Apparent death
This is colloquially known as playing dead or playing possum, which is an involuntary reflex action used as a defense mechanism and in Tim’s case a subconscious survival pattern that he had developed early in his life.

Tim learned to survive by spacing out, distracting people’s attention away from him and by playing possum. When she tested his reaction to his own name there were nobody home, no Tim, no Timothy, no nobody…

His nervous system and muscles reacted accordingly and in his day-to-day life this meant that his whole system and everything that is related to his life reacted so and was sabotages everything!

“What would happen if you didn’t have to play dead anymore?”
She asked him as a systemic question trying to help him access his own capability of doing something about his situation.

Tim immediately reacted by moving his body, starting by sitting up. This was his first step out of his helplessness that had been frozen inside him for so many years! This new experience will reshape his life and he noted that he could feel his vertebrae straightening up.

Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridiansRita told him after doing some more muscle testing that by tapping his kidney meridian (Chinese Medicine (TCM) K27 acupuncture points) he could help to heal the fear that was held energetically in his body.

After tapping the kidney points for only a few moments he could already feel a reorganization of his brain, calling it a Loop-de-Lou in his head.

This of cause was not the time or the place to go into to much detail, but a first step toward a new freeing pattern for his nervous system and in private Rita said she could have done a lot more.


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