Sticking your tongue out at the summer heat!

Sticking your tongue out at the summer heat!

Today I put up on a new for the site old Tip video ( because it was on the old site ) called Sitali Pranayama – The Cooling Breath.

Rita did a lot of these videos over the years and I will be put up more as time goes on.

Sitali Pranayama (The Cooling Breath).
The Name refers to the Sound caused when the air is drawn through your Protruding Tongue.

The definition is:
Sitali meaning Hissing Tongue
Pranayama meaning Breathing Exercise

This breathing technique taken from Yoga helps you withstand the heat of the summer much better. The cooling effect will clear your head and help you to let go of irritation and all your stress.

You should roll your tongue like a straw, dawn air through it and exhale through your nose.
To increase the cooling effect, try swallowing after each inhalation.

Every time you need to cool it, you should do this exercise!

  • If you need your very own Anger-Management Plan
  • If you’re seriously stressed out
  • If you have to release pent-up aggression
  • If it’s a hot summer day

And there’s more…

The Cooling Breath (Sitali Pranayama) technique helps also to:

  • Prevent headaches
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relax
  • Control appetite
  • Curb anger
  • Stop hot flashes
  • Cool your body temperature

So cool on down, relax and chill-it by watching the video here!!!

PS. There are more Videos Here.

Making Willow4U
I HOPE!!!!!

by: Paul E. Harrison

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