Active Yoga Meditation (AYM) by Rita Harrison

Active Yoga Meditation (AYM) by Rita Harrison

Page update

AYM Because women are different than men on all levels

Yesterday I updated the AYM page and put it back to the original description. I got the feeling it was not getting to the point and had become a little wishy washy.

Rita’s Active Yoga Meditation was designed to show that women have a very specific connection to themselves and their surroundings by nature, that women are different from men on all levels and that a meditation must result in less investment in energy to get them in their middle, connected and empowered.

Rita call’s it:
Active Yoga Meditation for Women and Men who Dare

AYM builds directly on the nature of women. Most Yoga, or meditation and relaxation techniques where developed by men, for men. AYM (Active Yoga meditation) says farewell to these principles and builds directly on “the nature of women” through gentle movements and revolutionary meditation techniques.

Based on long forgotten Egyptian traditions and work started by Sri Yukteswar before he died in 1936, AYM is one of the first to work with the principle that our energy fields are spheres and always in motion. A man’s energy field will spin on its axis left to right and a woman’s is always in a constant forward rolling motion.

Through dance and using the frequencies of specially created music AYM builds on the interplay of these two forms of spheres as they move through a room making and breaking new connections just like the brain does to acquire and store new information.

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A word about the music
The iTeric Project (Paul E. Harrison (ME) & Peter Zisler) created the music for this experience especially, to will hopefully help to catapult you free of your everyday worries. We tried to convey with this music a new perception and confidence showing in your breathing patterns, your energy centers (Chakras) and to help you find that elusive sound of silence, a pure relaxation that is like a light hidden in this musical journey!

Making Willow4U
I HOPE!!!!!

by: Paul E. Harrison

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