Cranial Sacral DNA Workshop

Cranial Sacral DNA Workshop


Learn to be a emissary of light.
Build bridge for yourself & others from the physical to the soul

Where: Oahu, HI

When: May 18 – 23, 2012 Time: 3pm – 9pm

Cost: $950

But pay before April 18, 2012 and only pay $900

This is your healing experience in the 5th dimension!
Enjoy the light that’s inside you and learn how to activate it in others.

The cranial sacral fluid is “the river of light” that flows from the brain to the spinal cord. It’s sometimes called the “temple of physical spirituality” because of its power to influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bliss.

In this six-day workshop you will be introduced to cranial sacral techniques that address your body as a whole, with emphasis on your eyes to help you to see the world from a different angle and your jaw where you tend to hold a lot of stress that needs to be released.

Rita Harrison has 25 years experience as a naturopath and physical therapist amongst other things. She will help you build the bridges you need along the way from the physical to the soul using your inbuilt and very individual spiritual access. Furthermore you will learn how to reformat your own and others DNA by using cranial sacral techniques, while learning the true nature of your DNA as an emissary of light!

This workshop is open for everybody who in interested in spiritual bodywork and requires no former training. You will be guided step by step to a natural understanding of the cranial sacral system and the techniques that will reformat your DNA easily.

Each day’s highlight will be a “multiple hands” treatment! Where you will be the only focus of your group for an entire session and experience the full power of intention on your own body. Wow!

“Rita is in tune with each of her students and provides a healing space focus to face our obstacles and challenges us to step to the next level.”
Lani Suzuki-Severa

“She gives not just knowledge but she gives her own heart as well.”
Sergio Mitrotti

“Rita is the most inspirational teacher I’ve ever had. She leads by example and shares her wisdom and love with no reservations!”
Ann Dorado

“Rita is an awesome master and teacher. She challenges you to break through your barriers and use the wonderful gifts you have.”
Suzie Wachi

“Insightful, skillful, intuitive knowing.”
Judy Daniels


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