Thought, Word and Deed

Thought, Word and Deed

So why will Willow System Therapy and Coaching be going to Portland Oregon? After the unexpectedly large response to Willow System Therapy and Coaching ( WST&C ) on the
8) Health Expo in Kauai: »
January 26. and 27. 2008

We decided to take WST&C to the American mainland.

Again and again we became acquainted with people from Portland – Oregon, to a point that we noticed that someone or something is trying to tell us something. Everyone we’ve met has assured us that Willow Systems Therapy, Coaching and its Personal Development and Health Workshops are exactly right for “their city”.

Many have said: „We are very open for alternative methods of treatment, so WST&C would be ideally, especially the Personal Development and Health Workshops, because doesn’t everybody need all the help they can get these days with the rising costs of health care!“

So on the principle of thought, word and deed; we will be at the beginning of October to be found on the health fair in Portland:

October 4-5, 2008
Portland Metro
Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo!
( Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR )

Saturday, Oct. 4: 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, Oct. 5: 10 am – 6 pm
Regional Directors:
Ramy Louis (541) 420-2228 / Email:
Joanna Sherwood (541) 521-2740 / Email:
Kristen Hirscht (541) 771-6003 / Email:


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