What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

What To Do With Health Problems That Won’t Go Away…

Are you looking for an effective way out of some sort of physical, or emotional pain. Well congratulations you’ve already taken the first step after watching this video…

Man… I think i should go into advertising🙂


If you like: Check it out on YouTube Here. https://youtu.be/20r1Rm3TCDM


Favorite Quotes Of A Healer: Who’d’ve Guest It?

Favorite Quotes Of A Healer: Who’d’ve Guest It?

Check out Rita‘s extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, news makers & so on.


Check them out here: willow4u.com/art
I found one, or two surprises🙂 and I’m married to her…

Robert’s Story: More Brainpower

Robert’s Story: More Brainpower

Put up a great little client example on this man Rita calls Robert, who needed a session because he couldn’t focus at school.

He wanted to find something to help him focus again, not only in class, but in his personal life as well. I think it’s a good read, but I suppose I would🙂. Check It Out


Short article on Cognitive Empowerment by Rita Harrison

Check out the frequently asked questions on finding more Cognitive Empowerment (Brainpower) with the Willow System

The Ability For Joy

The Ability For Joy

Can you handle disappointment better than success?

In this podcast you will get tips & tricks on why dealing with your disappointment will lead to your success.


Don’t forget, there is no greater success than the ability to take responsibility for your joy…

And it can be so simple listen here: => http://ow.ly/Tt83303mQhQ, or please feel free to download this podcast & listen to it later here ›

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Yoga Was Developed By Men for Men

Yoga Was Developed By Men for Men

Connected To Oneness?

Nowadays, more & more people, independent from their sex, are looking for balance between masculine & feminine energies in order to live a more fulfilled life.

Here are some tips in this podcast on doing just that…


Check them out here: willow4u.com/podcast/23

The Right Place, At The Right Time

The Right Place, At The Right Time

Letter To Rita From Katherine Fisher Owner Of The Hawaii Health Guide.


Aloha Rita,

Still enjoying the afterglow from The Health and Happiness Workshop (Now called Mystical Willow Training)…

The course offered concise and efficient practical methods to quickly personally bring conscious awareness and restore balance to a person’s life.

Hands-On Practice Of Condensed Healing Modalities And Techniques
The way you consolidated useful tool sets of kinesiology diagnosis, meridian (emotional) release and replacement techniques and family constellation work are invaluable additions to any health practitioner or person interested in personal growth.

The class more then met my expectations.

What I wasn’t expecting was the immediate result of unleashing a delicious juicy well of creativity! It has been a great joy to experience the ongoing synchronicity of being in the right place at the right timeand dwelling and playing right at the edge of creative potential: where idea becomes matter, intention is navigation, and the resulting reflection offers constant insights into where and how we truly create the ultimate art that is our own lives.

I highly recommend this class for artists, writers, musicians and people wanting to re-kindle the creative fires or experience greater capacity for joy in their lives.

Many thanks.
Look forward to your return…

Katherine Fisher
The Hawaii Health Guide

Ask The Ask Rita Show

Ask The Ask Rita Show

With the summer break over and the new season coming out our co-host Amberlee Colson of the Ask Rita Show Podcast would like to hear from you:

  • If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask about holistic health, healing, or lifestyle?
  • If you have a question on relationships, emotional balance, family & physical healing, or spirituality?

Feel free to contact her, or Rita with any questions
using the online Contact form Here: willow4u.com/ask

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