How To Heal The Soul

How To Heal The Soul

The Willow System is how to heal the soul of emotional pain, or bad relationships… plain & simple. It’s a treatment that work at our office in Long Beach CA, or by Skype & phone, & is great for healing anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, feeling lost, self-limitation, self-sabotage, feelings of isolation, past-life traumas & more…

If you want to know how much more, check it out here.


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Healing The Mind

Healing The Mind

Nothing holds more power over your body & soul than the mind. From Anxiety, to Sexual Dysfunction.

So if you’ve found your way here you are probably looking for a root cause oriented  & effective healing modality for one, or more of the symptoms listed on our webpage here.

healing the mind with The Willow System

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You Oughta Know: Rita Harrison

You Oughta Know: Rita Harrison

A great bit about the wife:)

The Willow Way

Master Integrative Healing Practitioner.

Ain’t that a mouthful?

Let me tell you, it’s as grand as it sounds.

I’m a firm believer that things happen the way they should, when they should.I met Rita about two years ago, and learning and exploring and living life as I knew it had changed – drastically. For the better, of course. But don’t get me wrong, it didn’t always feel that way. I struggled through a lot of the growth. Because habits are habits and patterns are patterns, and maybe sometimes those things can be hard to break.

I knewthat there was so much more to my life than how I’d been living, and what I was doing. And that’s not to say that my life wasn’t great – it was pretty kick ass, but something felt off. Something was missing. Or maybe it was the constant feeling of never belonging/fitting in…

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How To Avoid Emotional Stress

How To Avoid Emotional Stress


I put this video tip that was first published on Apr 6, 2014 on Youtube, where Rita explains how to avoid emotional relationship stress in the home & in the workplace.

She describes how brain research shows that our brain involuntarily opens things they call memory folders, or files from the past which would be easy to recognize if we where not so emotionally involved. Conversation that turn radically to statements like…

  • I never could…
  • You never have…
  • We always…
  • Etc.

When a FILE is open longer than 2 minutes, emotional components come up. The consequence is that our thoughts and thus the conversation may develop adversely.

Rita tells you...

  • How to avoid marital conflict and negative conversations at work
  • How you can stay focused
  • How to overcome blockages in communication
  • How to deal with panic attacks, anxiety and depression, as you learn to deal with unpleasant feelings
  • How to control a FILE situation from further escalating into discord

Check the video here:

How To Clear Pain At The Root

How To Clear Pain At The Root


If you’re anything like me you don’t like paying for things until you know you like them. And money aside, we all know healing can’t start until we feel safe, supported & secure in the knowledge that we’re being listened to & heard.

So we developed a Willow Strategy Sessions so you can see how quickly & simply this cutting edge European treatment “Made in Germany” pinpoints & resolves emotional, or physical pain & relationship problems on all levels.

The Willow System can swiftly get to the root causes of problems such as: Family confrontations, tiredness & exhaustion, relationship crisis, migraine, partnership dilemmas, stress, divorce and separation anxiety, chronic physical pain, parenting pressures and all kinds of abuse etc.

If you’re struggling in relationships, unhappy at work, battling health issues, or looking for spiritual alignment, we would like to offer you a FREE 15 Minute consultation without risk, or commitment to see if Willow is right for you…

See The Video & find out how simple it is to schedule yours now:)

By the way that’s my voice, that is, That’s talkin’…

Mastery Of Difficult People & Situations

Mastery Of Difficult People & Situations

On Sunday June 4, 2017 11am – 3.30pm in Naples CA, Rita will be giving again her 3 step seminar on how to master difficult people & situations.

Discover how to recognize hidden signs of manipulation, how to protect yourself effectively & learn to take back control for future interactions.

For More Details go here:


Healing The Mind

Healing The Mind

Nothing holds more power over your body & soul than the mind. From Anxiety, to Sexual Dysfunction.

I updated this page about how to use the mind & its power over body & soul to heal a long list of symptoms with The Willow System.

Things like Panic Attacks, Bipolar Depression, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, Social Anxiety, OCD Learning Disabilities, Insomnia, Grief, Anorexia & tons more.


Because we live in an ever shrinking world, sessions are not just available in our office in California.

Due to the wonderful advances in communication technology such as Skype, Hangout, FaceTime & not forgetting the humble, but still powerful telephone you can get all the benefits of The Willow System in the privacy of your own home.