“No one can discover you until you do.” -Rob Liano

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Good News: It May Not Be Your Age! Rita told me to put up this video for all of you who may suffer from forgetfulness, memory problems, poor concentration, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD) & attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

How To Improve Learning and Memory

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Paul E. Harrison: Making Willow4U
Paul E. Harrison
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I made this image today for Rita’s blog. She offers free 15 minute Strategy Session (consultations) with no risk & no commitment, when you have problems with your health, fitness relationships, spirituality or if something, or someone is standing in the way of happiness.

How To Live All Your Possibilities & Live Them Now!

“There is always a way to make a difference…” – RITA HARRISON

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Paul E. Harrison: Making Willow4U
Paul E. Harrison
Webmaster: Willow4u.com

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Rita’s Started Blogging, Did I Say… This is the new one…

How To Gain A Cat's Acceptance And Trust

See the Video on Her Blog http://ok2willow.wordpress.com or On YouTube http://youtube.com/willowsyster

Let me know what you think?

Rita Harrison (The Wife) who developed The Willow System (Willow 4U) has her very own Blog now! Please Check it out, Like, Follow & show her all the support you’ve shown me. http://ok2willow.wordpress.com/ Thank You!!!

Here’s today’s Post:

A Foreign Language Called English

Happiness: “You have to learn and explore at your own schedule and have a good companion. Start, yes start (it’s that simple) a transformational journey, get all the love you need, get liberation from pain on all levels and you will realize a lifestyle that fulfills you.” -Rita Harrison

Learn and explore at your own schedule

Motivation by Inspiration. Quote: Madonnawww.willow4u.com

Blinding Light & Burning Rage What You Didn’t Know About: Dealing With Anger That Won't Go Away


Dear friends of the Willow System,

Thank you for waiting so patiently for the release of the

New Topic Safaris Your Transformational Journeys To Love, Liberation and A Fulfilled Lifestyle
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Enjoy our Good Companion Program from the comfort of your own home and at your own schedule – wherever you are.
It’s affordable, fresh and full of cutting-edge insights!

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Rita Harrison speaks to you directly, and takes you into a world full of new experiences about how to take control of your health, relationships and happiness by introducing you into

  • True success stories and the background information why they worked
  • Astonishing research with exclusive information that helps you leverage the fulfillment of your longings
  • Practical tools that help you become and stay unstuck to move forward instantly and sustainably

The 1st Topic Safari is available now:

Blinding Light And Burning Rage
What You Didn’t Know About Turning Anger Into A Catalyst For Change
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Here are some of the topics coming up soon:

  • Mission Possible:
    How To Create Family Peace
  • Physical Liberation:
    Why Our Body Doesn’t Do What We Want And How To Take Back Control
  • Communication Hell Or Heaven:
    Why Some People Are Impossible To Talk To And How To Change It
  • Spirituality Meets Matter:
    Emotional Detox For Yourself And Your Family
  • Tap Into The Wisdom Of Your Soul:
    How To Learn Your Life Lessons Effortlessly
  • Healing The Inner And Outer Child:
    How We Avoid To Raise A Generation Of Entitled Tyrants
  • With many more to come…

This is how it works:
You can buy single Topic Safaris or subscribe to get up to 2 Topic Safaris a month.

With a 6 months or 1 year subscription you enter the exclusive group who are certified to send in their individual wishes about future Topic Safaris.

We’ve thought a lot about how to make the Topic Safaris affordable for everyone and this is what we came up with:
We decided to keep the production costs low by using our own equipment, and the quality of information high by presenting the Topic Safaris in a way that you can connect with instantly, apply the tools easily and “digest” the presented new information more effortlessly.

Now it’s only up to you

  • How much you want to learn and explore
  • How much money you want to save
  • How much you want to participate in getting your individual needs met